My obsession with guitars began with Brian May. As a child I played cello, but when an older, cooler neighbour made me a mix tape from his favourite vinyls, everything changed. Hearing Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ for the first time was the moment I knew I had to play guitar. Finally, aged 13, I used my classical training to teach myself guitar, and quickly formed a band with some like minded friends.

As I progressed I found myself wanting more from my gear, so I quickly began tinkering, tweaking, fixing and improving things to suit my needs. From there I began building my own electric guitars, pedals and valve amps in my quest for perfection. But it was my first acoustic build, a rosewood Orchestra Model, that really excited me. I loved the wood, the science, the craftsmanship and most of all, the end result. Whilst I still love to play and build electric guitars, for me a great acoustic guitar will keep me making music for longer.

The aim for JWJ Guitars is simply to produce professional, hand built guitars at a great price. By keeping the standard range simple with options for body wood and neck profile I can focus my efforts on getting the best possible tone and feel from each instrument.


JWJ are the initials of both my Father and my 5 year old Son. Dad helps out in the workshop, Jay not so much!


Richard Jones
JWJ guitars